Oct 25 2019

TGIF@SMF with RHB - Smart Thinking for Smart Businesses

25 Oct 2019 04:00PM to 25 Oct 2019 08:00PM
SMF Building

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01 Oct 2019 10:30AM to 23 Oct 2019 12:00PM

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Seminars and Events

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Regina Lim


For this TGIF@SMF with RHB, hear from industry experts on how to put the “Smart” into your business. Besides Tech Giant Samsung, we have invited Republic Polytechnic (RP) who will be sharing ways to boost your workplace productivity with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  Also, Design Business Chamber Singapore will be sharing tips on how to do something tangible today to rethink and reshape your business model for a better tomorrow.

Special Highlight: Test your focus and reflexes with interesting “Smart” games.
Join us for this exciting edition on 25 October 2019!


Held on the last Friday of every month, TGIF@SMF with RHB is the flagship networking event of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation. TGIF@SMF with RHB cuts across all industry verticals and opens its doors to business people and corporate executives from all walks of life.

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 For more information, feel free to contact Ms Regina Lim at 6826 3073

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