Nov 11 2020

Packaging Partnership Training 2 - Improving recyclability of packaging and new technology for recycling packaging

11 Nov 2020 10:00AM to 11 Nov 2020 05:00PM
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09 Oct 2020 09:00AM to 27 Oct 2020 12:00PM

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Lorelle Ang


In this training, the focus would be on helping the industry learn ways and handles of improving the recyclability of different material streams of packaging. With protection in mind, there are still steps to undertake to improve the recyclability of packaging. Recyclable packaging minimises the environmental impact and contributes to cost-savings in materials, energy, transport and disposal. With digitalisation on the rise, the training also aims to introduce new and available technology for companies to adopt in their efforts to recycle packaging.


The Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP) aims to build up industry capability to reduce, recover and recycle packaging waste, introduce supply chain initiatives that foster the sustainable use of resources in packaging and raise industry and community awareness on 3Rs of packaging waste. Workshops and trainings are organised to achieve these objectives.

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Feel free to contact Ms Lorelle Ang at 6826 3042 or Ms Yvonne Lee at 6826 3035 for more information.

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