Are you meeting MOM requirement?

6th June, Tuesday
1:59pm to 4:59pm

The JTC Summit, 8 Jurong Town Hall Road #26-06 (Boardroom)                      Singapore 609434



2.30pm     Introduction  by SME Centre Sharing od SME HR Capabilities & toolkits SME Successful Case studies
3.30pm Overview and Demo of E-payslip Generator (by SIMTech)
4.15pm Tea Break & Networking
5.00pm End of Seminar



1. Do you have an Employment Contract?
2. Are itemised payslips given to all employees covered under the Employment Act (EA)?
3. Is there a job description written for each job role?

Workshop Highlights
 Key Employment Terms (KETs)
 Free Recruitment Templates
 Free E-payslip Software to help you to stay compliant

This seminar will be introducing on the Key Employment Terms (KETs), job description and SMEs would be given free templates and free e-payslip software to assist them to stay compliant with MOM Regulations. 

  • For interested companies, please bring along your laptop for on-site training and free download of the e-payslip generator software.
  • E-Payslip Generator System Requirements: 1) Minimum software requirements - Excel 2010, 2) Operating system - Windows XP, 7 and 8


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Programme is tentative and is subject to change at the sole discretion of Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

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