Quality and Standards Conference 2014

5th August, Tuesday
8:30am to 4:30pm

Orchard Hotel



A new wave of manufacturing is emerging, with new technological and scientific breakthroughs strengthening capabilities to develop effective automation solutions, venture into additive manufacturing, discover new materials and efficiently harness and analyse big amounts of data.

The Quality and Standards Conference 2014, an annual event organised by SPRING Singapore, provides a good platform for enterprises, industry experts, industry associations, consumers, academia and government bodies to find out how standards, accreditation and technical regulations play a key role to further enhance the manufacturing sector in Singapore.

Themed “Quality and Standards for the Future of Manufacturing in Singapore”, businesses will gain insights from experts and industry practitioners on international and local plans for the future of manufacturing, and will learn how they can use standards and conformance as a strategic tool to get a competitive edge. Leading manufacturing companies will also showcase their latest products on robotics and additive manufacturing.

Who Should Attend
CEOs and Senior Management
Technical and Engineering Professionals
Industry Professionals from manufacturing-related sectors and academic institutions
Logistics and Supply Chain Stakeholders


To register, Visit: http://www.qsc2014.com/


Key Highlights
Quality and Standards Conference 2014

Prominent Speakers from Singapore, Germany, Australia and Japan
Conference speakers will share their experiences in the use of standards for advanced manufacturing sectors in their respective countries. These speakers will also be panellists to discuss on the advancements and challenges of the evolving manufacturing landscape, and the impact of standards and conformance on the manufacturing sector.

A new wave of robotic technology has emerged to complement productivity and automation initiatives. Find out more about the possibilities of robotics and how you can harness this new technology for manufacturing. Get up close to delivery robots used in hospitals, and discover how they complete deliveries with minimum supervision. Learn about how you can use industrial hand-assembled robots with a state-of-the-art “stop-force” safety feature.

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
Additive manufacturing has become increasingly popular, and its huge draw can be attributed to its flexibility to create a huge range of customisable products easily. Professionals from different industries have been creating innovative medical instruments, jewellery and toys. Explore what the future would be like with additive manufacturing. See fully integrated stand-alone 3D printers, and discover what this desktop 3D printer can do for your lab and office!
Future of Manufacturing Industry Dialogue

Future of Manufacturing industry dialogue explores the synergies of standards adoption in different areas of manufacturing and technologies. With a strong line-up of speakers and panellists from prominent research institutes, technology companies and key stakeholders from the manufacturing industry, the interactive session provides a good opportunity for businesses to discover relevant and upcoming policies, business leadership mindsets, skills competencies and standards to be ready for the future of manufacturing.

The industry dialogue, jointly hosted by Singapore Manufacturing Federation Standards Development Organisation and SPRING Singapore will be held in the afternoon after the conference.


Programme is tentative and is subject to change at the sole discretion of Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

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