6th ISO/TC 281 Plenary Meeting in Singapore


ISO/TC 281 Plenary Meeting was hosted in Singapore Manufacturing Federation on 26th and 27th July 2017. ISO/TC 281 comprises participating members from Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, UK and USA plus another 11 observer-members from Argentina, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Vietnam. The S'pore ISO/TC281 mirror committee membership is drawn from AVA, NEA and SIMTech, among others. During this 2 day meeting, 48 international delegates and FBT experts from United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Japan, Korea and Singapore participated actively and discussed about the general principles for test measurement and usage of Fine Bubble.

Members of ISO TC281                                                                                Welcome Dinner at Asia Pacific Brewery