Adopt safety standards to raise productivity

Debra Toh

Companies are encouraged to adopt Standards in Workplace Safety & Health to reduce downtime from accidents and thereby raise productivity. The Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation (SMa) said at the launch of its new Centre of Excellence – the SMa-Standards Development Organisation (SMa-SDO) on Oct 28.

The two existing Codes of Practice, namely CP 27 : 1999 Code of Practice for Factory Layout – safety, health & welfare considerations; and CP 84 : 2000 Code of Practice for Confined Spaces, were recently reviewed by the SMa-SDO to include recommended guidelines on safety, health and welfare of employees as specified by relevant national and international standards, and be in line with the current safety and health at work legislation in Singapore.

CP 27: 1999, now known as SS 567: 2011, include risk assessments and control measures; alignment of guidelines to the updated Code of Practice for Fire Precautions in Building; revision of guidelines for cranes, toxic and hazardous substances; as well as requirements on lighting, ventilation, noise, heat and first aid.

For SS 568, formerly CP 84, a standard entry permit form and new hazard sign are introduced.


“Previously, there was no Standard Guide for the Permit To Entry Form for confined space. Now, there is a Standard layout for this form. This facilitates our implementation, as opposed to us coming up with our own form. With regards to the hazard sign, if I come up with own special sign, people may not understand or may question me as to whether this is the correct layout. With this as a standard, everyone would understand,” said Mr Tan Kay Chen, EHS Manager, Sato Kogyo (S) Pte Ltd.

SMa Secretary-General Mr Gwee Seng Kwong encouraged companies to adopt Standards as a tool or business strategy to raise productivity. "The two Standards now include more guidelines and good practices in safety, health and welfare that will help companies reduce workplace injury and prevent fatal accidents, thus avoiding any disruption in operation that impacts productivity,” he said.

SMa-SDO will be launching two other standards this year. It is also expected to complete more than 40 Standards by Mar 31, 2012.

The SS 567 and SS 568 books can be purchased online at

The “Launch of SMa-SDO and Singapore Standards for Workplace Safety & Health” seminar was held on Oct 28 at the Holiday Inn Atrium, and attended by about 150 engineers, safety officers, EHS consultants, factory owners and occupants. 

Deputy Chief Executive of SPRING Singapore, Mr Tan Kai Hoe (left), and SMa President Mr George Huang, join hands in launching SMa-SDO.