Launch of the Precision Engineering Master Craftsman Certification

Debra Toh

Over 60 precision engineering companies attended the launch of the Precision Engineering Master Craftsman (PeMC) Certification on 26 November 2013.  The event was graced by Guest-of-Honour Mr. S Iswaran, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Home Affairs and Second Minister for Trade and Industry.

“The PeMC Certification aims to develop experienced craftsmen with even deeper skills and to become supervisors and leaders of modern complex manufacturing operations. The certification industry framework developed by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), jointly with the Singapore Precision Engineering and Tooling Association (SPETA), to recognise and certify graduates of this course will enhance the career opportunities for craftsmen and accord them salaries commensurate with the higher value they bring to their respective companies,” said Minister S. Iswaran.


Guest-of-Honour Mr. S Iswaran, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Home Affairs and Second Minister for Trade and Industry

The Initiative marked a significant step forward in rejuvenating the Precision Engineering (PE) industry. The PeMC Industry Certification is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), SMF, Singapore Precision Engineering and Tooling Association (SPETA), SPRING Singapore and Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Pledge-signing ceremony by supporting stakeholders and precision engineering companies to show their support for the PeMC Certification

The certification serves as an industry recognition scheme that aims to elevate the standard of precision engineering craftsmanship in Singapore. Existing craftsmen with at least 4 years of relevant experience in the PE industry are eligible for the certification. One of the requirements of the certification includes the successful completion of a 2 years part-time PeMC training course administered by NYP. Graduate craftsmen will be assessed and considered by their companies and PeMC Certification Board, managed by a secretariat provided by SMF and SPETA, for certification. Upon successful certification, the employee will be paid a minimum fixed monthly salary of S$3,500.

The certification aims to attract and train 2,800 PE Master Craftsmen to support the manufacturing industry in the next 10 years. This is carried out through acknowledging highly skilled professionals in precision engineering and indicating to the younger generation that precision engineering can offer a viable long term career.

Minister S Iswaran and President George Huang, together with PeMC Working Group and Focus Group, to commemorate the successful launch

“The PeMC certification board, managed by a secretariat provided by SMF and SPETA, recommends guidelines for the PeMC certification to maintain high standards for international recognition. These guidelines are developed through extensive focus group discussions, industrial consultations and visits to globally-acclaimed certification bodies. The working group will constantly review the guidelines to ensure that the certification is relevant to the industry,” shared Dr. Ahmad Magad, Vice President, SMF.

“The PeMC Certification will bring mutual benefits to both businesses and aspiring engineers. The new certification is projected to attract many local talents, which will increase the manpower pool for the PE industry. With this certificate, those interested to join the PE industry will also see a clear path for job progress and advancement. This certificate is also prestigious as it is equivalent to the qualifications of German master craftsmen,” shared Dr. Moh Chong Tau, Honorary Secretary, SMF; and Chairman, PeMC Focus Group Committee.

“There is a strong demand for precision engineers, especially in the aerospace industry. There are many upcoming programmes, thus, the need for professionals in the market. The PeMC Certification is more than just a physical certification. It is definitely encouraging to witness industry associations like SMF and SPETA endorsing and certifying graduates from the course. I believe the PeMC certification would bring great benefits to the engineering industry,” said Mr. Soh Chee Siong, CEO, JEP Precision Engineering Ptd Ltd.

Some of the companies who signed the pledge include:

Automation Systems Pte Ltd
Makino Asia Pte Ltd
Micro-Mechanics Pte Ltd
Onn Wah Precision Engrg Pte Ltd
Cragar Industries Pte Ltd
Flexmech Engineering Pte Ltd
VDL Enabling Technologies Group (S) Pte Ltd
Cyrus Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Sanwa-Sayama Precision Pte Ltd
CKE Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Avantek Pte Ltd
Swiss Precision Industries Pte Ltd
FMC Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd
Hexagon Metrology Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Armstrong Rubber Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Cam Plas (S) Pte Ltd
Cameron (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Flextronics Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd
Fong's Engineering & Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Jovan Tech Pte Ltd
Omni Mold Limited
ST Aerospace
ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd
Ka Shin Technologies (S) Pte Ltd
Jubilee Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Raycom Engineering & Aerospace Pte Ltd
Schlumberger Reda Production Systems
PSB Technologies Pte Ltd
Qioptiq Singapore Pte Ltd
M Metal Pte Ltd
Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific
JEP Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Univac Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Okamoto (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Edmund Optics Singapore Pte Ltd
Nov Asep Elmar Pte Ltd
Rohag Singapore Pte Ltd
Amtek Engineering Ltd
Meiban Group Pte Ltd
Oilfield Services & Supplies Pte Ltd
O.E. Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Clefton Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Clefton Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Wilhelm (SEA) Pte Ltd
PLC Industries Pte Ltd
Baker Hughes Singapore Pte Ltd
ETLA Limited
Ad-Meth Mech-Field Pte Ltd
A & One Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Distinct Engineering And Trading Pte Ltd
Honeywell Aerospace Pte Ltd
Xceltron Technologies
Renesas Semiconductor Singapore Pte Ltd
Skilltec Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Panasonic Refrigeration Devices Singapore Pte Ltd
Concord Associates Pte Ltd
Molex Singapore Pte Ltd
Q'son Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
Leica Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd
AME International Pte Ltd
SMC Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd
JerryCo Engineering Services Pte Ltd
Caterpillar Propulsion Production Pte Ltd
HME Technologies
Advanex (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Article contributed by Ms. Ong Hui Qi, Executive, Corporate Communications, SMF