Launch of TR 57 - Guidelines on food safety and good hygiene practices for the vending Industry


Total 166 people from 60 organisations attended the launch on Singapore standards TR57:2017 - Guidelines on food safety and good hygiene practices for the vending industry on 21 July 2017.

With the variety of vending machines in the market, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has taken a risk-based approach to regulate food vending machine operations. NEA requires vending operators of food vending machines to be licensed if there are (1) temperature control requirement(s) for the vending operations and/or (2) food processing carried out within the machine.

This Technical Reference (TR) covers the hygiene guidelines for operations which involves the supply and replenishment of food and related accessories, design, installation and maintenance of vending machine. This TR aims to complement NEA’s requirements by providing practical guidance on the hygienic handling of food and the temperature control requirements applicable for food kept and replenished within the vending machines.

This TR sets good practices in the vending industry for dispensing pre-packed and on-site prepared ready-to-eat meals and drinks, to ensure safety and wholesomeness of these products.

This TR is expected to be used by food manufacturers, vending machines manufacturers and service providers and .those responsible for servicing and supply of food products in food vending machines.