Seminar on US Immigration options for investors

Debra Toh

On 31 July 2013, Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) organised a seminar on US immigration options for foreign business people.

The speaker, Mr. Michael Dye, Attorney at Law of The Law Office showcased a detailed presentation on the methods on the application of permanent residency and immigration visas when investors visit US for business.

Mr. Michael Dye, Attorney at Law of The Law Office

Mr. Dye focused on few key points. He explained to the participants on the US immigration system and the methods to obtain permanent residency for investors. He presented a brief overview of the pending US immigration reform relating to the foreign US investors. He also showcased the US immigrant Visa Category and other visa categories for investors, entrepreneurs and companies seeking to expand their business presence in the US.

“It is a fruitful session, especially for companies who are interested to expand their business to US. The information given during the seminar complements on the research we have done on US before attending the seminar. It also gives us a broader perspective in doing business in US. I am glad that SMF took the initiative to organise relevant business seminars and was able to cover a broad overview during each session,” said Mr. Gideon Lim, Managing Director of Web

“We are surprised to hear that it is not that difficult to enter into the US market. As a businessman we are always open to business opportunities. We are delighted to join the seminar to learn about the invaluable information given by Mr. Dye,” said Mr Mike Zhang, Managing Director and Ms. Doris Du, Director of HI BEAU International Pte Ltd.

Dr. Ahmad Magad, Vice President of Singapore Manufacturing Federation and Chairman of SMF Americas Business Group presented a token of appreciation to Mr. Michael Dye, Attorney at Law of The Law Office