SMF Annual General Meeting 2017

Debra Toh

Over 100 people attended SMF’s Annual General Meeting on 20 September 2017.

Mr Douglas Foo, SMF President, began the meeting by taking the members through some of SMF’s key achievements and milestones in the past year, which included various initiatives such as the SMF Awards and the Manufacturing Solutions Expo.

“During the past one year, the manufacturing sector has seen, and is continuing to see, an upward trend in manufacturing output. This statistic is extremely encouraging for us as it renews our confidence in our contribution to our economy. For the past few years, the manufacturing industry was declining as we weathered tight labour markets, rising business costs, global economic slowdown and disruptive technologies.

This is not to say that these issues are now a thing of the past. Truth to be told, we are still trying to manage business costs and manpower issues, amongst other concerns. I am therefore encouraged to see that an increasing number of companies are confronting such challenges and embracing opportunities to transform their businesses so as to move up the manufacturing value chain,” said Mr Foo during his opening address to members, supporting all to inspire change in their businesses so as to remain relevant.

Members then voted on various motions, including acceptance of the Annual Report and Financial Statement as well as appointment of SMF’s auditor. Resolutions to amend the following constitution was also unanimous:

  1. Rename membership category from “Manu-Services & Support” to “Manufacturing Services”
  2. Expand the definition of “Manufacturing Services Member” to include:
    Digital Commerce Services Members and Testing, Inspection, Certification Services Members
  3. Enable Council to update the type of business/es in the “Manufacturing Services Member” category
  4. Group Digital Commerce Services and Testing, Inspection, Certification Services into the two(2) sub-categories of “Manufacturing Services”

Mr Foo addressing all participants of the SMF Annual General Meeting.

Members voting on the motions.