TR 57: 2017 Guidelines on food safety and good hygiene practices for vending industry


There was a total of 68 participants from 41 organisations who attended TR57:2017 workshop on 4th August 2017. This Technical Reference (TR) covers the hygiene guidelines for operations which involves the supply and replenishment of food and related accessories, design, installation and maintenance of vending machine that enables compliance with regulatory requirements. It aims to provide practical guidance and advice on the hygiene of food, and the temperature control requirements for those operating in and/or intend to venture into the vending industry.

This TR is intended for vending machines operators where there is a transaction at the point of sale. It could also be useful for operators or suppliers of dispensing machines that do not have retail transactions to use this TR as a guide for best practices.

This workshop will give an overview of TR 57: 2017 on its hygiene requirements. Participants will learn the various clauses in this TR. There will be a sharing from business consultant on vending industry as a new business model for manufacturers and retailers. This workshop will conclude with a site visit to Chef-In-Box outlet.