Workshop on Singapore Standards related to Work At Heights


The Quality and Safety Standards Committee (QSSC) under Singapore Manufacturing Federation – Standards Development Organisation (SMF-SDO) organised a workshop relating to Work At Heights on 26 October 2017.

Falls are a major cause of workplace fatalities and serious injuries in Singapore.  Personal protection equipment are part of the safety requirements to be used by workers to prevent falling from heights.  It is therefore important to consider the degree of protection required and the appropriateness of the equipment to the situation.

The SS 528 (Part 1 to 6) Specification for personal fall-arrest systems, provide recommendations and guidance on the use of personal fall arrest systems for work at heights.

SS 548 Restraint belts provide guidance for the maintenance, inspection and storage of restraint belts and prescribe a performance test. It includes recommendations for fixtures for the attachment of belts.

SS 570 Specification for personal protective equipment for protection against falls from a height – Single point anchor devices and flexible horizontal lifeline systems proved recommendations on the requirements, test methods, user instructions, marking, labelling and packaging, as appropriate, of permanent, temporary single-point anchor devices and flexible horizontal lifelines systems, exclusively for the attachment of personal protective equipment (PPE) for protection against falls from a height for fall arrest, work positioning and travel restriction (work restraint).

SS 528 series, SS 541 and SS 570 will complement the ACOPs related to work at heights and provide more information and guidelines to the workers.  The workshop will be an awareness/refresher session on standards and requirements related to working at heights for supervisors, safety officers and workers working in sectors related to work at heights.

Mr Winston Yew sharing on the Approved Code of Practices (ACOPs) related to Work At Heights (WAH).