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About Medical Technology Industry Group

Since 1998, Medical Technology Industry Group (MTIG) has been represented by both international and local member companies in Singapore Medical Technology Industry. The equitable representation of large enterprises and small companies forms a balanced membership profile for being a unified voice to champion the interests and address the concerns of the local Medical Technology Industry.

These member companies partner with SMF relevant stakeholders to facilitate a communication platform which would advocate safety, effectiveness and reliability in the developments of the medical technologies to fulfil the required needs and conditions for the end users.

In the current vibrant healthcare eco system, MTIG is committed to helping member companies to meet the challenges of today’s changing healthcare landscape. MTIG Main Committee continues to drive dialogues and collaborations with government agencies to fulfil its shared purpose of serving the patients.                                                                                                                                           

MTIG Objective

Achieving together as ONE voice

  1. Connect member companies with each other to uncover more market opportunities
  2. Shape policies through dialogue with  government stakeholders
  3. Lead in One Voice which is representative of the industry
  4. Deliver value added training workshops & programs to build capabilities for the member companies


MTIG Main Committee Members (Term: 2018 - 2020)

Name of Committee Member

MTIG Title

Member Company Name

Margareta Laminto


Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd


For information or enquires on MTIG, contact MTIG Secretariat – Ms Cherie Ong at:

Office DID: 6826 3039

Revised Code of Ethical Conduct for Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

Click here for a copy of the Revised Code of Ethical Conduct for Interactions with Healthcare Professionals