PeMC Certification

Precision Engineering Master Craftsman Certification

Introduction | PeMC Certification


Background Information

The PeMC Certification aims to develop experienced craftsmen in recognition of their skills and experience. It will enhance their career opportunities to become supervisors and leaders of modern complex manufacturing operations and accords them salaries which commensurate with the higher value they bring to the job.

As of now, there are 44 certified master craftsman.
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Important Milestones of the PeMC Certification

Launch of the PeMC Certification on 26 November 2013

On this significant day, over 60 companies stepped forward to sign a pledge symbolizing their support towards the PeMC Certification. Click here to know more about the launch and the companies who expressed their recognition towards this PeMC Certification.

Pioneer batch of Precision Engineering Master Craftsman Certified on 19 May 2014

Singapore Manufacturing Federation administered the Precision Engineering Master Craftsmen (PeMC) Certification to 12 highly skilled professionals on 19 May 2014. More details can be found here.


About the PeMC Certification process



PeMC Certification Board

Dr Ahmad Magad, Vice President Singapore Manufacturing Federation

Mr Chan Lee Mun, Chief Skills Officer, Skills Development Group of Skills Future Singapore 

• Mr John Kong, Council Member from Singapore Manufacturing Federation
• Mr Chang Chin Nam, Executive Director from Economic Development Board
• Mr Ho Chi Bao, Director, Manufacturing & Engineering - Core
• Mr Lee Youn Kay, Director, School of Engineering from Nanyang Polytechnic


PeMC Certification Committee

• Mr George Lim, General Manager, Marketing & Business Development from Makino Asia Pte Ltd
• Mr Soh Chee Siong, CEO from JEP Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
• Mr Dovic Jadranko, MD from VDL Enabling Technologies Group
• Mr Desmond Tan, Deputy Director (Aerospace & Precision Engineering) from Nanyang Polytechnic


How to apply

Application form can be downloaded here and printed out for submission in hard copy. Completed form can be submitted to:

Attn: PeMC Certification
Singapore Manufacturing Federation
2985 Jalan Bukit Merah, SMF Building, Singapore 159457

Submitted applications should be accompanied with a $100 cheque payment. Payable to "Singapore Manufacturing Federation", payment is non-refundable. 

For administration purposes of the consolidating the application forms, the closing date for the applications is month of April, August and December.

For more information, please contact
Ms Ng Li Kiang at
Tel: 6826 3012

or email us via our contact us form.