Metal, Machinery and Engineering Industry Group – Moving towards Industry 4.0

The Metal, Machinery and Engineering Industry Group is one of the 10 Industry Groups of the SMF. In this Industry Group spotlight, we highlight opportunities and activities planned for members in 2019.

In 1970, the Singapore Manufacturing Federation formed the Metal Industry Group to better represent the precision engineering industry in Singapore. Now renamed the Metal, Machinery and Engineering Industry Group (MME IG), the IG has continually helped its members grow and evolve towards Industry 4.0.

 “In this IG, the members share with one other the latest technologies in the market.” Said Mr James Wong, the new Chairman for the MME IG and one of the pioneers of Singapore’s precision engineering industry. He observed that having noticed more international companies such as those from the automotive and aircraft industries entering the Singapore market, the precision engineering industry saw the need to invest and upgrade their technologies to meet the  requirements of these companies.

Therefore, adopting the mentality of “hunting in packs”, the members in the IG began to share their knowledge on the latest technologies available in different markets, such that the industry is now able to manufacture even more high precision components. Mr Wong also agrees with his predecessor, Mr John Kong, that there is a need for members to go on study tours to learn more about other technologies that they may apply in their manufacturing processes.  In this regard, in the course of this year, the IG will arrange for visits to model factories such as A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) and Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) to study the technologies being showcased and the feasibility of adopting them in order to advance into Industry 4.0.


Mr James Wong (second from right) brought some of the members from MME IG to Singapore Polytechnic to view some of the prototypes the students showcased.


Mr Wong also believes in investing in the youths of tomorrow. Therefore, he led his IG to Singapore Polytechnic on 11 January 2019 to view some of the prototypes that the future precision engineers showcased in their school. The trip was also to encourage the members that there are young talents in the local scene while encouraging the youths to continue on the path of precision engineering.



SIngapore Polytechnic precision engineering students demonstrated how their prototype works to the MME IG Chariman and members


“Precision engineering is a continually growing industry.” Said Mr Wong, “Together with the SMF and the Government’s support, this industry is on track to evolve and move towards digital manufacturing.” The precision engineering industry is one of the major contributors to Singapore’s manufacturing output, contributing S$34 billion of output in 2015, with projected growth of S$42 billion by 2020[1]. In 2016, the government rolled-out the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) for precision engineering, the first of the 23 industry based ITMs to be rolled out. In the ITM, it aimed to move the industry towards digital manufacturing and form the foundation for the next era of manufacturing[2].


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