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Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses - COVID-19

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Business Exemptions During Circuit Breaker

Q: Can I still submit an application and how do I do so?
A: Yes. All companies who wish to operate at their workplace premises must submit an Exemption Form at . We are unable to accept applications via email.

Q: Do I continue with operations while waiting for an official response or do I suspend operations?
A: All companies must apply for an exemption to continue operations. Please suspend your business operations until you have received the official email approval.

Q: How do I check the status of my application?
A: To check the status of your application for General Exemptions, please log in to

Q: I see the status of my application, but have not received an official notification. When will I receive it?
A: Due to the high volume of applications, please allow at least 2-3 working days for the notification email to be sent on the outcome of your application even after it has been reflected on the online status tracker

Q: I made a mistake on my application, what should I do?
A: Should you wish to make any amendments to your application, please submit an Application for Amendment online. We are unable to accept any amendments via email.

Q: What happens if my application is rejected?
A: If your application has been rejected, you will be required to suspend your business activities immediately.

Q: I would like to report cases of non compliance. How should I do so?
A: You may use the OneService app (By Municipal Services Office) to report cases of non-compliance to Safe Distancing Measures in public areas. If you’re concerned that your employer is not compliant to safe distancing measures, please email:

Please note that an exempted company/essential services firm can also be ordered to close if they fail to comply with safe distancing measures. 

BCA - Stay-Home Notices (SHN) for Work Permit (WP) and S Pass (SP) Holders in Construction Sector

Q: I am not sure if my employees are affected. How do I check if S Pass and Work Permit Holders (WPHs) under my company would need to be served with the SHN from 20 April 2020 to 4 May 2020?
A: All S Pass and WPHs employed under the Construction sector (except those currently residing in dormitory gazetted as an “isolation area”, or any foreign employee dormitory as defined in the Foreign Employee Dormitories Act (FEDA) 2015) shall be served with the SHN notification by the employer. In other words, this will not apply to S Pass and WPHs hired under other sectors such as Process, Manufacturing, Services and Marine.

Employers can check the front of the worker’s work permit or S-pass card. For construction workers, ‘CONSTRUCTION’ is indicated under “Sector”.

Employers are responsible to inform individuals who needs to serve the SHN.

Q: My company was previously granted with approval to continue with the essential works. Does my company still need to apply for exemption for my workers to continue to commute to work?
A: SHN applies to all S Pass and Work Permit Holders in the construction sector. If your company is involved in essential works, you will need to submit an appeal to BCA to allow your foreign employee(s) to leave their places of residence to perform work in respect of the permitted essential activities during the SHN Period. Appeals are subject to BCA’s approval on a case-by-case basis, and the number of foreign employees approved may also be limited.

Q: Does this apply to construction S Pass and WPH that are not working on construction site (e.g. admin staff, BIM Manager)?
A: Yes. The SHN will apply to all foreign employees in the Construction Sector holding Work Permits and S Passes (including their dependent pass holders).

Q: Is there a cut-off date to submit the appeal?
A: No. Companies should apply as soon as possible so that they can continue to provide essential services.

Q: Can my workers continue working while waiting for the appeal results?
A: No. They should wait for the appeal results from BCA first.

Q: Can we move our workers out of current dormitories and house them in small groups in other types of accommodation?
A: Workers affected by the SHN shall adhere to the notice and not be allowed to leave their place of residence from 20 April 2020 to 4 May 2020 (both dates inclusive).

Q: How can I ensure my worker’s welfare when I’m not able to leave my place?
A: Employers could make arrangement for delivery service and regularly make calls to the employees to keep track of their health and welfare.

Q: Are there any responsibilities for the Dorm Operators/landlord to meet?
A: Employers (not the operator or landlord) are required to keep track and take care of their foreign employees both at work and their places of residence during this SHN period.

For dorm operators, MOM regularly issues advisories to share guidelines and good practices. For further details, please refer to

Q: I am unable to source for handphones/sim cards for my workers at such short notice during the CB period. Can MOM/BCA allow extension of time to provide this?
A: Employers must ensure that the employees stay at home and do not leave the residencies during the SHN period. For the provision of handphones/sim cards, you are to source for it as soon as possible, and register the employees’ latest mobile numbers with MOM at OFWAS (WP holders) and EPOL (S Pass holders).

Q: Are the costs for the mobile phone, thermometers, accommodation and food etc subsidised or borne by the government?
A: No. It is the employers’ responsibilities to provide these for your employees' wellbeing.

Q: How is the government going to enforce this?
A: Enforcement officers will be contacting your Foreign Employees and their Dependants based on the mobile numbers registered with MOM. Employers should ensure that the Foreign Employees and their Dependants’ addresses and mobile numbers registered with MOM. Enforcement officers will also be going to construction sites and places of residence for inspection.

Q: I am unable to comply with all the measures listed and am unable to submit the declaration form. Can MOM/BCA allow an extension of time?
A: No. Employers are required to comply with the SHN notification and to ensure that the employees stay at home and do not leave the residencies during the SHN period.


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