Industry Groups

Our aspiration is to strengthen Singapore as a manufacturing hub, and to champion local manufacturers in the pursuit for manufacturing excellence. We represent the interests of a diverse range of industries within the manufacturing and related sectors. Each industry has specific needs and concerns, and we have categorised members into 10 Industry Groups (IG) to better address these diverse needs.

Each IG is championed by committee members who meet regularly to look into the regulatory issues, spearhead new industry initiatives and organise networking activities. SMF believes that IGs serve as a useful platform for manufacturers to voice business concerns, and will continue to engage all members in our journey towards continuous improvement and world-class manufacturing.


SMF members come from a spectrum of industries in the manufacturing or manufacturing-related sectors. To better understand and serve the diverse needs and interests of our members, they are categorised into 10 industry groups. The four key industry-centered activities include:

  • Enhancing business capabilities and networks
  • Representing industries' interests in Singapore and overseas
  • Sharing business information among the private and public sectors
  • Expanding market horizons through exhibitions, trade missions and fairs

The 10 industry groups are as follows: 

1. Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing

Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing (AEM) Industry Group was rebranded from Metal, Machinery and Engineering (MME) in June 2021 to stay relevant to the world’s trends and align with Singapore’s Manufacturing 2030 vision. The AEM IG organises various activities to enrich, educate and stimulate members' interest. These activities include enabling members to gain first-hand information on government's programmes and other information that is beneficial to members' businesses. As a forward-looking Industry Group, AEM IG will also continually groom and guide 2nd generations and young employees in the precision engineering industry by exchanging knowledge and experiences with them.

2. Building Products and Construction Materials

The Building Products and Construction Materials (BPCM) Industry Group is a cluster of companies that manufactures, trades and distributes building and construction materials to cater to the construction industry. BPCM IG engages government authorities and statutory boards to ensure a level playing field for Singapore companies. Through collaboration with national organisations such as the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), the IG serves as a platform for the dissemination of government policies, and also plan feedback and dialogue sessions for members to communicate their concerns with the relevant government agencies.

3. Electrical, Electronics and Allied Industries

The Electrical, Electronics and Allied Industries (EEAI) Industry Group is a cluster of companies that manufactures and supports development and trade in a wide spectrum of electrical and electronics products for use in both consumer and commercial environments. Products include common electrical appliances, PBCA boards and info-communication solutions. The IG also includes law firms & insurance agencies who make up for the allied industries.

4. Energy & Chemicals

The Energy & Chemicals (E&C) Industry Group is a cluster of companies in the oil & gas, power generation and chemicals manufacturing and distribution industries. These companies cover almost the entire spectrum of the petroleum supply chain and include downstream industries such as plastics and paints. In August 2020, the Singapore COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Industry Taskforce (CDITF) was set up to be a platform for the cleaning, disinfection and hygiene industry.

5. Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry Group involves the food & beverage manufacturing and services industries. This IG is instrumental in leading members in dialogues with government agencies, such as the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and the National Environment Agency (NEA). Its involvement in various major taskforces (e.g. War on Diabetes Taskforce under MOH) has helped lobby for important changes in the food industry.

6. Life Sciences

Life Sciences (LS) Industry Group represents the local generic drug manufacturers and related life sciences trade distributors. The group was established to maintain and enhance the reputation and credibility of the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore. Members meet regularly with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to discuss the latest regulatory issues in the region.

7. Lifestyle

The Lifestyle (LFS) Industry Group was officially formed in September 1988 as a result of the merger of the Fashion & Apparel IG, the Jewellery & Watches IG, and the Furniture IG. Today, the LIG acts as the representative voice of the Lifestyle industry, its suppliers and customers. It encompasses sub-sectors from Beauty & Wellness, Entertainment & Enrichment, Fashion & Accessories, Gifts & Novelties, Health & Fitness, Hobbies, to Home & Furnishing products and supporting services. It has also been actively engaging Singapore’s Lifestyle industry through various strategic initiatives with its members, partners and government agencies to transform and grow the industry.

8. Medical Technology

The Medical Technology (MT) Industry Group aims to be the leading voice for the medical technology industry in Singapore. The active industry group comprises of top global medical technology multinational companies (MNCs) and local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). MT IG strives to continue building effective relations with government stakeholders such as the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and industry partners to move towards a more holistic approach for collaborative opportunities to address the industry concerns in the developments of medical devices to the end-users.

9. Packaging Council of Singapore

The Packaging Council of Singapore (PCS) Industry Group serves as a catalyst in driving packaging innovation and creativity in global health and environmental issues. PCS is a member of the Asian Packaging Federation (APF) and the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). Through these networks, members are able to tap on this extensive resource to exchange knowledge and experiences.

PCS aims to promote excellence in packaging and keeping members informed of the latest trends and technology in the packaging industry. To further reinforce sustainable packaging materials, concepts and practices, PCS organises the Annual Singapore Packaging Star (SPSA) Awards to allow members to display their creativity and to keep themselves abreast of the latest packaging trends.

10. Smart Automation

Smart Automation (SA) Industry Group is a cluster of member companies in industrial automation, system integration, automation solution and consultancy companies that provide an array of products and services such as general automation, process control, sensors and sensing, vision systems and vision cameras, bar codes & RFID and motion control design, testing and implementation.