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Formed in 1970, the Metal Industry Group was set up to provide better representations to the precision engineering industry in Singapore. As the industry evolves, the group was renamed to Metal, Machinery and Engineering Industry Group (MME IG) to help its members grow and progress towards Industry 4.0. 

In June 2021, the group is rebranded to Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Industry Group (AEM IG) to stay relevant to the world’s trends and align with Singapore’s Manufacturing 2030 vision.

AEM IG organises various activities to enrich, educate and stimulate members' interest. These activities include enabling members to gain first-hand information on government's programmes and other information that is beneficial to members' businesses. As a forward-looking Industry Group, AEM IG will also continually groom and guide the 2nd generations and young employees in the precision engineering industry by exchanging knowledge and experiences with them.


  • To be the platform for AEM IG members to voice out their concerns and advocate for them to the relevant bodies
  • To foster closer ties among members, private organisations, institutions and other trade associations
  • To attract and groom 2nd generation and young employees 
  • To provide relevant information to members

AEM Committee Members (Term: 2018 - 2021)


Name of Committee Member AEM IG Title Member Company Name
Mr Chan Hai Kiang Chairman Flexspeed Technology Pte Ltd
Mr James Wong Former Chairman O.E. Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Mr Raymond Wee Deputy Chairman & New Members Recruitment Sub-group Chairman SalesTrade Corporation (S) Pte Ltd
Mr John Kong New Members Recruitment Sub-group Deputy Chairman M Metal Pte Ltd
Mr Alvin Cher Tai Soon Manpower Development & Engagement with Poly/ITE students Sub-group Chairman Almarc Engineering Pte Ltd
Mr Ow Chun Chor Collaborations and Outreach programmes within AEM members Sub-group Chairman Star Union Engineering Pte Ltd
Mr Tan Shi Han Young Entrepreneurs Network Sub-group Chairman Taishan Sports Engineering Pte Ltd
Mr Ho Kee Nian Committee Member HKN Tanks Pte Ltd
Dr Lim Chee Song Committee Member Simplex Pte Ltd
Mr Dave Low Committee Member Willsoon (F.E.) Pte Ltd
Mr Siew Yit Foong Committee Member Cititech Industrial Engineering Pte Ltd
Mr Tay Chor Kuan Committee Member Heidenhain Pacific Pte Ltd
Mr Andy Koh Committee Member Linkmet Controls Pte Ltd
Mr Kelvin Tan Keng Hock Committee Member Bayswater Shipping & Forwarding Pte Ltd
Mr Van Kim Li Committee Member Gtrade S'pore Pte Ltd
Mr Alvin Neo Hock Yeow Committee Member D&H Precision Tools Pte Ltd
Mr Marcus Sia (Chen Cheong) Committee Member Applied Total Control Treatment Pte Ltd
Mr Kumar Ramesh Committee Member Titan Engineering Pte Ltd
Mr Oliver Chong Committee Member Kawarin Enterprise Pte Ltd
Mr Dedrick Loo Committee Member Sunlink Engineering Pte Ltd
Mr Benny Yeo Committee Member catTHIS Pte Ltd
Mr Tony Moochala Committee Member Chemtron Pte Ltd
Mr Lee Swee Ser Committee Member Powerzone Technologies Pte Ltd


For further information or enquiries on AEM IG, kindly contact:

AEM IG Secretariat - Ms Ng Li Kiang at:

Office DID: 6826 3012

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