Energy & Chemicals

About Energy & Chemicals Industry Group (E&C IG)

Formerly known as the Oil & Gas and Related Industries, the Energy & Chemicals Industry Group (E&C IG) envisions to serve the community of Singapore-based companies involved in and/ supports oil, gas and chemicals manufacturing. The formation of the previous IG dated back to 2006, where the group focused on providing general directions and consultative advice on issues related to the community.

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E&C IG Objective

  • To maintain and enhance the reputation of the Oil & Gas Community in Singapore, and to ensure that oil & gas and related products of the highest quality be readily available.
  • To co-operate with the Government of Singapore, and public bodies in Singapore in furtherance of the economic development and prosperity of Singapore with particular reference to the promotion of investment and the advancement of the oil, gas and related industries.
  • To promote and facilitate the oil & gas and related industry in Singapore and between Singapore and foreign countries, and the interests of persons engaged in such industry, and in particular amongst ASEAN member countries;
  • To collect, collate and disseminate statistics and other information relating to the oil & gas and related industries;
  • To promote and constructively comment on legislative or other measures affecting the oil & gas and related industry;
  • To promote goodwill among members of the O&G;
  • To advise and assist in the matter of disputes arising out of commercial transactions between members of the O&G and / or other parties;
  • To communicate with other industrial and public and private bodies throughout the world and concert and promote measures for facilitation of the oil & gas and related trade and industry;
  • To undertake, coordinate, or encourage the conduct of research and studies which will serve to identify opportunities and projects on new products that will complement the oil & gas and related industries.

E&C IG Main Committee Members (Term: 2021 - 2024)

Name of Committee Member E&C IG Title Member Company Name
Mr Tan Cheng Guan Chairman Sembcorp Power Ptd Ltd
Ms Foo May Ling Committee Member Enviro Gas Pte Ltd
Dr See Soo Loi Committee Member NSL Chemicals Ltd
Mr Toh Seong Wah Committee Member Energy Market Company Pte Ltd
Mr Long Tian Ching Committee Member Vance Chemicals Pte Ltd
Ms Tina Loke Committee Member Air Liquide Singapore Private Limited

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For information or enquires on E&C IG, contact:
E&C IG Secretariat: Mr Joshua Phang
Office DID: 6826 3012
Email us via our contact us form.