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About Life Sciences Industry Group

Life Sciences Industry Group (LSIG) represents the local generic drug manufacturers and dug distributors. It comprises two sub-groups, Singapore Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Council (SPMC) and Singapore Pharmaceutical Trade Organisation (SPTO). The group was established to maintain and enhance the reputation and credibility of the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore. Members from SPTO and SPMC meet regularly with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to discuss the latest regulatory issues in the region.


Structure of LSIG 

Main Committee
Life Sciences Industry Group (LSIG) promotes and facilitates the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore. It discusses and comments on regulatory issues affecting the industry besides co-ordinating and undertaking studies to identify new products and market opportunities.

Singapore Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Council (SPMC)
Founded in 1986, SPMC represents a group of local manufacturing companies producing western pharmaceuticals and quasi-pharmaceuticals such as medicated balms and oils.
SPMC is the founder of APC, a confederation of ASEAN pharmaceutical manufacturing associations.

Singapore Pharmaceutical Trade Organisation (SPTO)
Founded in 2003, SPTO represents a group of local companies dealing with the manufacture and/or importation, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical and related products for local and export markets.


LSIG Objectives

  • To maintain and enhance the reputation and credibility of the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore and its contribution to public health and welfare
  • To ensure the medicinal products are of the highest quality and are readily available for the prevention and treatment of human and animal ailments
  • To co-operate with the Singapore government, and public bodies in Singapore to further economic development and prosperity of Singapore, with particular reference to the promotion of investment and the advancement of the Singapore Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • To promote and facilitate the pharmaceutical industry in Singapore, and between Singapore and foreign countries
  • To undertake, coordinate, or encourage the conduct of research and studies which will serve to identify opportunities, projects or products for complementation in the pharmaceutical industries
  • To address and communicate with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) on regulatory issues


LSIG Main Committee Members (Term: 2018 - 2020)


Name of Committee Member LSIG Title Member Company Name
Dr Ong Siew Hwa Chairman Acumen Research Laboratories Pte Ltd


For information or enquires on LSIG, contact LSIG Secretariat – Ms Regina Lim at:
Office DID: 6826 3073

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