Dialogue Session with SMF Members on COVID-19 Situation

The SMF held a dialogue session with its members on 12 February 2020 to understand their business needs during the COVID-19 situation.

This is a trying period for businesses as they struggle to cope with the lockdown implemented in China, travel bans, and many other challenges in this evolving situation.

Dialogue Session with SMF Members on COVID-19 Situation

SMF President Mr Douglas Foo (second from right) chaired the dialogue session, assisted by SMF Secretary-General Dr Ahmad Magad (second from left) and SMF’s Director of Corporate and Council Affairs Mr Nicholas Ngoh (first from right).

Some 20 SMF members from various industry groups and Secretariat Management staff participated in this dialogue session where they shared their insights into the current situation, their business challenges, and the support they require from the SMF and the government to ensure business continuity. Some members also voiced safety concerns when participating in trade shows, particularly overseas trade shows. The SMF Secretariat Management staff assured them that they are following the situation overseas closely and should the trade shows continue, they will ensure the members’ safety.

Dialogue Session with SMF Members on COVID-19 Situation

SMF members and SMF Secretariat Management staff voted on various issues such as confidence in the government’s stockpile strategy and participation in trade shows.

The SMF stands together with its members and the manufacturing community. Through the SMF’s new initiative, SMF ACTS, the SMF is keeping its members up-to-date with the latest advisories, seminars and solutions that may aid companies during this period. If you have not received emails under SMF ACTS, contact the SMF Membership and Industry Group team at 6826 3039/6826 3069.

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