Launch of the Singapore Covid-19 Cleaning & Disinfection Industry Taskforce

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) has launched a new taskforce – the Singapore COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Industry Taskforce.

Initiated by the SMF Energy and Chemicals (E&C) Industry Group (IG), the Taskforce is set up to be a platform for the disinfection and hygiene industry with the following objectives:

  • To discuss COVID-19 related issues relevant to Cleaning, Disinfection and Hygiene industry
  • Promote innovation through capacity building of technical expertise in the industry
  • Share and support best practices to encourage industry competitiveness
  • Collaborate with Government agencies and academia to build public trust 
  • Ensure quality and safe products for consumers and institutional customers
  • Educate the public on best practices for cleaning, disinfection and hygiene


In order to provide better representation to the industry, the SMF E&C IG Committee would like to invite representatives from both the private and public sectors to join this taskforce:

  • Government Agencies
  • MNCs
  • SME Manufacturers 
  • Testing Labs 
  • Hospitals and Research and Educational institutions
  • Chemical Distributors


We have seen a sudden surge in demand for cleaning, disinfection and hygiene products for consumers and institutional use.  We have also seen confusion and lack of clarity in the correct products to combat COVID-19,” said Mr Albert Khoo, who heads the Taskforce. "This pandemic is likely to stay with us for a long period of time and it is critical for the business community to work together with other stakeholders such as government agencies to promote safe and quality cleaning products in Singapore. Therefore, we encourage more stakeholders to join this taskforce, to tighten our hygiene regime and protect our family and workforce.”

The taskforce currently has members from 3M (Lead), Aik Moh, SuperSteam and PZ Cussons.

For more information on this taskforce, please contact

SMF Secretariat:
Ms Prasunna Ramadas
Tel: 6826-3045

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