The SMF Organised SAF Day 2019

For the seventh consecutive year, the SMF organised the SAF Day Combined Rededication Ceremony (East Zone) that serves to commemorate and pay tribute to all SAF servicemen and women who have played a part in making Singapore a safer home. This year, the SMF presented a musical rhapsody that combined video, skit and song to remember the sacrifices and the journey of our people in uniform.

Themed “Beneath the Uniform”, the audience was treated to a four-part musical rhapsody to remember that beneath the uniform, the SAF servicemen and women are somebody’s family and friends. It also serves as a timely reminder that all Singaporeans from all walks of life play a part in keeping Singapore safe. The musical rhapsody was curated and performed by the Spot Pocket Opera Theatre. CEOs who are representatives of the SMF’s member companies also pitched in for the performance to show their support for the NSmen.


(Photo by Singapore Armed Forces)


The SAF Combined Rededication Ceremony 2018 (East Zone), which was held at University Cultural Centre Theatre at the National University of Singapore, was graced by Guest of Honour and Officiating Minister, Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defence. Some 700 participants, with 255 NS men and 110 participating organisations attended the event.

“The reason we come together yearly for this Rededication Ceremony is to reaffirm our commitment to National Service.” said SMF President, Mr Douglas Foo, during his welcome address. “I speak for my fellow business owners to reaffirm our support for National Service. As employers, it is our role to ensure our employees are given the support required to focus when they are on their annual In-Camp Training to ensure they are able to complete each cycle competently and with a peace of mind, so that they may return to work and family.”

Participants at the SAF Combined Rededication Ceremony (East Zone) also viewed a commemorative video that featured a commemorative song that was commissioned by the SMF 2 years ago.


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